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Founded in1994, the Research Center of Chinese Medicine Culture of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is the earliest established Chinese medicine culture research institute. In 2015, Center was elected to be the College Philosophy and Social Science Key Research Base in Jiangsu Province. After more than twenty years’ development, Center has become an important base for research, education and cultural communication by leading academic research through key scientific research project, applying research achievements to educational reform and using Chinese Medicine Confucius Institute as a platform for cross-culture communication of Chinese Medicine Culture.

Since its establishment, Center actively integrates internal and external academic resources in the application of research projects at all levels. In the past two decades, we had committed to more than 30 Chinese culture research projects, among which one key project "Chinese Culture Core Value System and Modern Transformation" and eight general projects supported by the National Social Science Fund. Center organized the compilation of "Chinese Cultural Studies" (Three Volumes) and won the third prize in the seventh outstanding achievements in scientific research of higher institutions (humanities and social sciences category).

Center dedicated to scientific research to promote educational reform, enhance the cultural quality of TCM college students. Teaching Achievements "Combining medicine with philosophy, constructing new mode of teaching natural dialectics", "Inheritance and Innovation: Research and Practice highlight the characteristics of the Chinese culture Education Model" has won the 2nd prize in the national level. Center guided students in their extracurricular work Social Identity of Chinese culture core values - based on 31 provinces (municipalities), Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas investigation and won the first prize in the National Students' Challenge Cup extra-curricular work.

Center had a wide collaboration with cultural institutions at home and abroad. Through the Confucius Institute of Chinese Medicine which is co-constructed by NJUCM and RMIT, we combine language teaching with cultural communication, and provide a new window for Australians to understand Chinese Medicine as well as Chinese culture. We set up feature columns named as “Chinese culture” in the academic journal of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine (Social Science Edition), which is the only social science journal in TCM colleges.

Currently, Center has the key discipline "Chinese Culture" supported by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine during the 12th five year plan. And Center independently runs program for Doctor Degree of TCM culture as second level discipline and leads Jiangsu Province outstanding innovation team of Philosophy and Social Sciences "Chinese Cultural Heritage and Communication Research Team".